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Self-Pay Patients



Price list of clinical examination

VAT is added according to valid tax regulations:

  • 10% VAT on additional charges or reimbursement of medicine applied (clinical departments)


When ordering, a patient reports that he is self-paying. The payment instructions are received at the doctor's office.



Price list of laboratory examination

VAT is added according to valid tax regulations:

  • 0% VAT– medical services for clients of health insurance companies and self-payers without health insurance requiring clinical or laboratory examination requested by a physician as part of diagnostics, treatment and improvement of quality of life
  • 15% VAT– medical services for clients self-payers requiring clinical or laboratory examination without a physician's request
  • 21% VAT – administrative operations, research, grant and other commercial processing of results


1. Information on laboratory tests can be found in the Laboratory Manual attached in the Laboratory section. Read the instructions before your blood collection (whether you need to be fasting or follow dietary instructions, how to collect urine properly, etc.). For each examination, the availability is given (how long each examination lasts).

Questions about the price of the examination, the issuance of the invoice and the method of payment will be answered by Mrs. Martina Mikulíková (, tel. +420 224 905 239. In case of a request for genetic examination, contact Mgr. Josef Včelák (, tel. +420 728 767 589. You can also make requests to improve our services at this contact.


2. From the Laboratory section, print out the request for your examination (biochemical, immunological or molecular genetic laboratory examination).


3. Fill in the header on the request: name, surname, patient's ID (or date of birth), gender, age, mailing address. Indicate any infectivity (hepatitis, HIV, etc.).
If you wish to send the results via the Client Zone (free, fastest), you must provide your e-mail address and mobile phone number from the Czech operator.

Women should provide information on the menstrual cycle, i.e. the day of the menstrual cycle on the day of blood collection, the trimester of pregnancy or note that you do not have a regular period.

Sign the reguest form and clearly mark it in capital letters "SELF-PAY PATIENT".


4. Arrive by 9:00 AM to the Blood Collection Room on the ground floor of the Institute of Endocrinology. Your request form will be accepted and checked at the reception of the Blood Collection Room. For urine tests, take own urine sample in a sterile, screw-top container. 


5. After blood collection you will visit the Economic and Technical Department where you receive an invoice for laboratory tests. Only cash payment and bank transfer payment are accepted. Card payments are not accepted. You will receive the lab test results only after payment of the invoice. According to the price list, an administrative fee of CZK 200 (excluding VAT) is added.


6. Ways to receive patient lab test results:

  • Client Zone – a patient portal is safe and secure. The results are displayed immediately, as they are gradually evaluated. To register, e-mail address and mobile phone number from Czech operator must be provided. A link to your results will be sent to your e-mail address and PIN will be sent to your mobile phone.
  • registered mail (Česká pošta) – the results will be sent after completion of all laboratory tests
  • data mailbox – the results will be sent after completion of all laboratory tests
  • in person – the results will be ready for personal pick-up after completion of all laboratory tests. It is necessary to make an appointment with Mgr. Petr Matucha (, tel. +420 224 905 255, in laboratories on the 1st ground of the Institute of Endocrinology. A patient (or legal representative/legal guardian) will be asked to prove ID. If the results are picked up by a third person, notarized power of attorney of the patient must be provided, or the self-paying patient must confirm in advance on the request form by signing that the results can be picked up by another person.


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