Institute of Endocrinology

About Us


The Institute of Endocrinology is a organization under direct control of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. It is the legal successor of the Research Institute of Endocrinology established by the decree of the Ministry of Health from 14th December 1956.

The Institute of Endocrinology has a specific position among health facilities, as it uniquely combines highly specialized diagnostic and medical care with research and pedagogical activities.

Endocrinological care specializes in the diagnosis and outpatient treatment of a wide range of endocrinopathies in children and adults, especially in the field of thyrology, diabetology, obesitology, osteology, reproduction and immunology.

The Institute also performs basic and clinical research, implementation and validation of new methods, participates in clinical trials and verification of medical devices in order to demonstrate their effectiveness, safety and quality. The results obtained have been published and presented and spread by teaching. This direct connection of research to the clinic and laboratory facilities is extremely valuable and practical in solving research projects, and a similar model is used by a number of prestigious international biomedical research institutes.


Our goal is the quality and safe medical care, tailored to individual needs.


Motto of the Institute of Endocrinology: We are here for you!

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